About Us

From Richard Burford – Chairman of the Friends of East Surrey Hospital

The Friends supported Redhill General Hospital before the Second World War. When it closed, the Friends moved to support East Surrey Hospital in 1983, with its current Governing Committee consisting of 12 Volunteer Members, who are also Trustees of the Charity (no 287535).

Each Committee Member has specific duties, such as our Chairman, Shop Manager, Grants Secretary, Treasurer and Honorary Secretary. The membership of the Friends is about 300.

Up until February 2012, the Friends main revenue came from the 2 Coffee Shops, at the East and West Entrances of the Hospital. A long running proposal to redevelop the Hospital’s West Entrance and bring in retailers then came into fruition. The Friends then lost their West End shop after 28 years of service to the community. So, our East End shop was refurbished and is now our main source of income, serviced by more than 100 volunteers, open 7 days a week. The occasional legacy also helps us to support the Hospital.

From 1983 to 2014, the Friends have donated over £3,000,000 to the Hospital, which recently included £150,000 to providing Wi Fi coverage across the Hospital’s entire footprint for the benefit of its patients, staff and visitors alike. Additionally, in 2015, we have donated over £450,000, in part, to support the new Angiography Suite and one of the new Operating Theatres.

The Friends continue to be committed to provide our customary support to the patients, staff and visitors of our Hospital for their benefit for now and for the long term.

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