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Autumn 2019 News

  Autumn Newsletter 

Welcome to the 1st edition of the Volunteer Newsletter.

At the last Committee meeting held on  11 th November three grants were approved; paving for the courtyard garden, staff chairs for  Pharmacy and  ‘Eye care’  equipment for the eye clinic at a total cost of £ 24,600.00

The coffee shop continues to thrive, but volunteers are always needed. Free hot drinks will be served to our customers on December 13th, Christmas jumper day!

The coffee shop will be closed from lunch on 24th December reopening on 27th December.
The annual Christmas box run will take place week beginning Monday 25 th November. Each ward and department will receive a cash gift between £200.00 and £500,00 depending on the size of the ward. A total of £10,000.00 will be distributed during the week.

Unfortunately the Committee received the sad news that Terry Foote , a previous shop manager had died recently.

Thank you once again, for all your hard work and commitment to the Friends . Wishing you all a Happy Christmas and a healthy New Year.

The Committee